Tips For A Stress Free Wedding

1: Be Organised

When it comes to your wedding photos and wanting certain family photographs etc, have a plan of action. I always get the bride and groom to nominate a family member to gather up those individuals for the photos instead of shouting names to people you do not know. It keeps things much more professional and also speeds the whole process up meaning less time standing about and more time having fun with all the guests. If you Book your wedding with me I will discuss this with you when we meet.

2: Don't worry about the weather

The one thing that the Bride & Groom , the photographer, the wedding planner or anyone else has any control over is the weather. The sooner you come to terms with this the sooner you can relax and enjoy the wedding planning and the actual wedding day itself. You have to place your trust in those professionals you have paid to produce the best quality possible regardless of the weather or anything else that may come up. Weeks ahead of thee wedding you will be looking at weather reports and they will keep changing so best advice is to plan for the venue, bring a pair of flats with you and possibly wellies if your an outside venue. Clear see through umbrellas are an advantage if the heavens do decide to open up and as a photographer this is not a problem but potential to get creative.

3: Avoid a packed Schedule

You may well be tempted to fit your Hair, Mani-Pedi, Bikini Wax, Eye Brows and Champagne with the girls etc all into the morning of your wedding and this is just a road to disaster. The morning of your wedding you want as little as possible to do so you can enjoy it, the excitement and maybe even a glass of bubbly. Cramming loads of things into the morning means it will fly by faster and you wont have time to sit back and enjoy the morning and no doubt go over every last detail in your head again. Have a make up artist and hair stylist pamper you and have you looking on point which also takes the stress out of having to sort those two things yourself. Its your wedding so why not treat yourself!

4: Be realistic with your timing

Weddings are run to a tight schedule and no matter how careful you are and watch your time, something will run over the allocated slot, so always allow a little extra times for certain things. A good rule of thumb is that for every event in the schedule of your day, you should add an extra fifteen minutes contingency. Allow adequate time after the ceremony to get those pictures you want and possibly some more time later in the evening to get a few more of just the two of you. Get those out of the way and the rest of the day is yours to relax and enjoy and of course spend time with each other, never forget to make time for that.

5: Bring flat shoes and maybe wellies

A good woman once told me to make sure they bring a pair of heels, pair of wedges and pair of flats. Often wondered why but as heels can break you then have a back up and flats for later when the feet get sore and tired or for busting some moves on the dance floor. It's always better to have and not need than to need and not have.

6: Get plenty of sleep

Yes it may be tempting to sit up to the early hours and party with your friends and eat crisps until you can stomach them no more. Sure your nervous and wont be able to sleep much but its very important you get some sleep. You have a long day ahead of you and a good nights sleep means you will be glowing for your photos and have plenty of energy to carry you through the first dance and beyond. Once you married its not all over, the partying starts and so does the games if you have a DJ at your venue. Its a long hard day, we all suffer during it but your the one under the spotlight for the duration so remember that before the party continues into the small hours.

7: Remember why you’re doing this

Remember why you’re celebrating in the first place and do your best to cherish and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Yes things might not go as planned or a zipper breaks etc but as long as you are smiling then your guests will be too. The most important thing is being with the one you love and surrounded by friends and family, the rest all falls into place.

Enjoy your wedding planning and remember the few points above