Weddings vs Coronavirus

The impact of Coronavirus not just in Northern Ireland but around the globe has been huge. The wedding industry suffered a severe blow with many couples being left devastated and not being able to get married after putting long hours into their preparations. The health and safety of every individual comes before anything else so the measures that were put in place were for the right reasons and taken to protect us all.

Moving forward as of 16.06.2020 in Northern Ireland we see life beginning to return to some kind of normality and businesses beginning to open again. For weddings it a bit slower, a bit more complicated as a lot is tied in with it spanning over many sectors. Outdoor weddings in Northern Ireland are not popular due to our weather system and at present only 10 guests can be present at an outdoor wedding. If its a catholic wedding there are restrictions as to what a priest can do and where and needs to gain authorisation and many other faiths have their own restrictions. Venues are moving dates as much as possible for brides apart from a few who are being awkward but like any industry news travels fast and no doubt doing themselves more harm than good.

The vast majority have rearranged their weddings to next year or later this year but what restrictions may be in place we do not fully know. Will social distancing still be in place? Will you be allowed you exact number of guests?

The outlook as it stand is social distancing will be with us for some time and surely the rest of this year. My advice is to sort out your guest numbers in the event that you need to reduce and more than likely will need to reduce numbers. Speak to your venue what setup they have in place and what is allowed as it may still not be possible to have your wedding venue at that location. Get your refunds sorted out from Venues and suppliers, you all should know what your entitlements are, do not lose out or be brushed off from any venue etc who say they cannot provide the service you booked them for.

The days of large weddings, drinks at every table, laughing and dancing, throwing shapes to every song is well and truly on hold right now. Weddings in Northern Ireland during the Coronavirus will have to be more of a low key affair but should not take away anything from your special day.

Keep safe, wash your hands and manage your expectations in regards to what is possible this year for your wedding day.